HIV AIDS Workplace Programmes and Policies


HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme Guidelines:

Every organisation should either have or be working towards a comprehensive HIV/AIDS workplace programme. Companies can usually implement change in the following areas:

  1. Developing an HIV/AIDS workplace policy
  2. provide education and awareness in the workplace
  3. implement fair employment practices
  4. provide care and support in the workplace
  5. community involvement

This can be achieved by being able to conduct various awareness and education programmes, encourage voluntary testing, promote condom distribution and use, enforce universal infection control measures, provide access to counselling for HIV positive people, have an HIV policy and HIV committee and assist in adequate referrals.

Peer educator courses:

Peer education training courses as well as support / follow-up management of your peer education programme. Tailor-Made Services (TMS) offers:

5-Day Comprehensive Peer Educator Course (Information, communication + counselling skills)

2-Day Peer Educator Information Course (Information only)

1-Day Communication and Basic Counselling Skills Workshop (Only communication + counselling skills, for peer educators who only received the information section in previous training)

The training is tailor-made for the needs of your organisation. The scheduling of training time for the 2 and 5-day courses can also be worked out according to the demands of the organisation (day / shorter sessions etc.)

Support includes – update training, mentoring + supervision of peer educators, counselling for positive employees, referral network, literature, posters and condom distribution.

VCT and General Counselling:

We offer onsite VCT with confidential and professional pre-and post-test counselling. The counselling is done by qualified staff in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. Professional nurses will perform the tests and rapid tests will be used so the results will be available on the same day. We will keep confidential results and a report will be written regarding general findings from the VCT undertaken.

We offer organisations an extensive referral network. We can help organisations to create links and build relationships with community based organisations.

We offer confidential ongoing counselling sessions for HIV Positive people by registered psychologists (on or off site). We also offer general counselling for employees around any issue that may be interfering with work performance or the person’s general well being (off or onsite).

Below is a checklist for elements that should be included in a comprehensive HIV/AIDS workplace programme. Each company (depending on size and resources) will be unique in terms of which of these elements they will be able to implement.

1) Awareness and Education

  • Awareness campaigns, including promotion of VCT and condom use
  • Educational sessions
  • Notices and information letters
  • Peer educators
  • Industrial theatre and other creative organisations
  • Referrals to National HIV/AIDS help line and other support and information services
  • Positive living
  • Basic medical facts
  • Confidentiality
  • Rights of the person living with HIV/AIDS
  • Universal precautions

2) Counselling

  • Qualified professional staff onsite
  • Approved list of counsellors
  • Referrals
  • Time off for counselling at the community clinic
  • Testing days arranged with local clinic
  • Counselling for family members

3) Healthcare

  • VCT
  • Syndromic management of STD’s
  • Commitment to access to ARV treatment
  • Approved list of providers and suppliers
  • Referrals
  • First Aid Kit
  • Training on universal precautions and first aid

4)       Provision of Condoms

  • Access to condoms will be readily available at all times
  • Focal point person for condom supplies
  • Instruction and demonstration

5)       Accommodations

  • Working hours (Flexi-time)
  • Compassionate leave
  • Extended sick leave
  • Part-time work; lighter duties
  • Return to work arrangements

6)       Compensation

  • Workmen’s compensation for work related accidents and injuries
  • Prophylactic treatment for risk exposures

7)       Death Benefits

  • Paid compassionate leave in the event of the death of spouse or immediate family member
  • Payment of funeral expenses

8)       Process or mechanism for dealing with HIV/AIDS related Grievances

HIV/AIDS workplace policy:

The above elements are needed in order to create a safe, open environment and they should be guided by your workplace policy:

The purpose of an HIV/AIDS workplace policy is to ensure a uniform, fair and legal approach to the effective prevention of HIV/AIDS among employees and the comprehensive management of HIV-positive employees.

The following is a guide to essential issues that could be included in a workplace policy:

All information and test results of an employee concerning HIV and AIDS are confidential

Employees living with HIV/AIDS have the same rights and obligations as all staff members, and they will be protected against all forms of unfair discrimination based on their HIV/AIDS status

HIV infection and AIDS should be treated like any other serious condition or illness that may affect employees

Policies should be drawn up in compliance with existing South African laws relating to discrimination, working conditions and health and safety, and should be monitored regularly such that they remain in compliance with all applicable laws

Expected behaviour of employees toward HIV positive coworkers should be addressed

Employee benefits should be explained

Reasonable accommodation and performance standards for employees living with HIV and AIDS should be detailed

First aid practices and ‘universal precautions’ within the workplace should be highlighted

Resources available both within the organisation and within the community need to be listed


HIV/AIDS Tailor-Made Services (TMS) offers guidance with designing and implementing a comprehensive HIV/AIDS workplace programme.

Our company provides services related to:

HIV/AIDS workplace policy:

We will assist with devising a workplace policy that meets the needs and resources of your organisation. We have an existing HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy devised by an attorney and written in English and Xhosa.

We can also assist with the interview process for candidates identified for your HIV/AIDS committee.

HIV/AIDS workplace programme:

We can provide input on the following from the workplace programme checklist to assisit you with the delivery of your programme:

1) Awareness and Education

  • Notices and information letters
  • Peer educators
  • Staff educational sessions
  • Referrals to National HIV/AIDS help line and other support and information services
  • Positive living
  • Basic medical facts
  • Confidentiality
  • Rights of the person living with HIV/AIDS
  • Universal precautions input

2+ 3)     Counselling & Healthcare

  • VCT
  • Approved list of counsellors
  • Referrals
  • Counselling for family members

4)       Provision of Condoms

  • Access to condoms
  • Instruction and demonstration
  • Education & awareness training:
  • The needs of each organisation are unique. We offer various training services in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa on the following:
  • HIV/AIDS information Workshops
  • HIV/AIDS Talks
  • Peer Education Courses
  • Information Courses
  • Counsellor (VCT) Courses
  • Basic anti-retroviral (ARV) information courses

You may need a 1-hour talk on a particular topic, an in-depth 5-day information or counselling course, etc. We train to large groups of individuals and employees, peer educators and management.

We will tailor-make a training programme to suit your individual needs.

Condom Distribution:>/h2>

Free condoms for small to medium businesses will be made available.