HIV AIDS Training, Education and Policy

Hire the psychologist with over 16 years experience in AIDS & HIV training in South Africa

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Joanne Croome is a registered psychologist who works with Companies to educate their staff in sexual health. Call now to find out how we can train your staff to keep them healthy and working

Onsite HIV AIDS testing empowers your workforce

Alongside training, we offer practical services, including counselling, onsite HIV AIDs testing and condom distribution days

Trained Peer Educators in your company make a difference

We identify internal leaders and educate them to train their Peers on HIV and AIDs. Your company gets long term benefits from our training and your own AIDs trainers

We create comprehensive HIV AIDS Workplace Programmes and Policies

Deal with your staff HIV AIDS issues

  • Healthy, educated staff are more productive.
  • We use our proven, tested training to educate your staff and help them stay working

  • We create comprehensive HIV AIDS Workplace Programmes and Policies

    The purpose of an HIV/AIDS workplace policy is to ensure a uniform, fair and legal approach to the effective prevention of HIV/AIDS among employees and the comprehensive management of HIV-positive employees

    Essential issues that we will cover in creating your workplace HIV AIDs policies include: HIV and AIDS confidentiality, rights and obligations of all staff members, policies drawn up in compliance with South African laws, expected behaviour of employees toward HIV positive coworkers and employee benefits

    “It was worth waking up at 4 to come to Cape Town for the course”

    "Now I know how to counsel a couple"

    "More confident to go out there and put it into practice"

    "Training interesting and useful x2 – I will spread my information to clients in my facility"

    "I learned how to deal with discordant results and explain how that happens"